With Major League Baseball shut down, I’ll bet big sunflower is taking a huge hit. In fact, I’m guessing big bubble gum is in even more dire straits.

If you’ve ever seen the sheer quantity of gum, candy, sunflower seeds, and other small pack chewables that get delivered to major league baseball fields during the season, you’d know this has to be a significant hit on all of those businesses.

While most of the baseball players can probably take this hit, I’m guessing many of the people who work in and around the stadiums of professional sports are facing lost jobs and income.

Not to mention, everyone who works at the companies and plants who produce and package this food.

They say there’s no such thing as trickle down economics, but this is as perfect example. And it works both ways. Rising tides lift all boats, but evaporating tides will render them stranded.