Every day, more and more people are turning out to protest state lockdown orders.

People can see what’s happening around them. As much as the media keeps their running death toll in our faces, people know that the real patient is our country, and we’re on life support.

As people turn out, the media and Democrats, continually refer to these people as “Trump supporters.” The intent is to make them look like country rubes who are too stupid to realize how much danger they’re in by not locking down.

What the media Democrats aren’t realizing is that many of these people aren’t Trump supporters or Republicans. The impatience is starting to cut both ways. People who don’t follow or think in terms of politics just want to get going, and they’re starting to get vocal.

By telling them they’re Trump supporters, the media Democrats may be inadvertently assigning them to Trump, resulting in them voting for him because they were essentially told to with that designation.

The media Democrats are saying, if you are protesting, you are a Trump supporter and should vote for him this November.

My sense is these people will oblige.