It would appear President Trump is going to be the only one running for President on the Republican ticket.

And that leaves just under 20 Democrat candidates to oppose him. Just under 20 Democrat candidates who are trying to make their mark and stand out from the rest of the field.

Well, consider this an open letter to the one of them who takes my advice.

What would make them stand out, give them an issue we could all get behind, and possibly win the election?

Calling for a completely new House of Representatives and 33 new Senators. A complete turnover of Congress. (Or as complete as you can do in one election cycle, considering only one third of the Senate is up for reelection in any given election year.)

Can you imagine 535 new congressmen in the nation’s capital? Instead of slowing bringing in new people who can be taught by the old how to grease each other’s palm and scratch each other’s back to entrench themselves in the system, you’d have 535 people who wouldn’t even know where their offices are.

There’d be no existing relationships with lobbyists. No one would be well-versed in parliamentary rule. They’d probably have to rewrite the rules of the House and Senate. They’d look at the way the system has been working – like any outsider looking at a new company – and start addressing all of the problems that make it defective. Special interest groups would have no hold on any of them. The new representatives and senators wouldn’t owe anything to anyone except the voters.

And they’d all be emboldened. There’d be no established leadership to fear crossing. There’d be no senior members who could put the hammer down and prevent them from speaking their mind. Debate would be honest, and people would say what they mean.

If you look at all the career politicians, it’s really a chance to clear the decks of Democrats AND Republicans and start again in the United States Congress.

And if you really want a clean slate (not just switching the party affiliation of every seat), this will have to happen at the primary level. Every incumbent will have to have a primary challenge, and we voters will have to vote in the challenger. Then the general election will be two completely new people.

One of the great defects in our current state is the number of Congressmen who’ve forgotten that we are the boss, and they are the employee.

It’s time to bring some humility back to our government, and the Presidential candidate who suggests and promotes this course of action will most definitely see a surge of support. One that may actually take them to the White House.

(And don’t think for a second Trump wouldn’t also support this plan.)

It’s up to the people to take back the government, and I can’t think of a better way to start.