I’ve been predicting a Trump blow out landslide for months. To anyone who would listen. To me, it was an absolute certainty.

On what grounds? God’s will. Justice. The rise of black, latino, and women voters. The work of the Trump team’s ground game. The rallies. The record of success. The lack of Biden enthusiasm. The lack of Biden’s ability to complete a sentence…

As the night went on, it was looking like the landslide was on. Not as big as I predicted, I admit. But it seemed fairly decisive. When most of us turned in, I think the general expectation was to wake up to a Trump second term.

But no, when we stopped watching, they stopped counting. They went to work.

There was a few hour gap in there in all the key swing states, and when counting resumed, Biden votes flooded the zone.

Most conservatives paying attention were pretty unified in the belief that a Biden presidency equated to a move toward communism from which we may never return.

Political enemies would be identified and canceled. Our independence would be lost to communist China. Freedoms and liberties would be curtailed. Our economic success and independence would be sold to the highest bidder.

America is God’s last stand on earth. It’s the only country on earth who’s entire Constitution is dedicated to the idea that God is the highest power and we owe our freedom and liberty to him, not the government.

Of course, the future is never certain, and there’s no way to know that for sure. But all signs point to that future with a Biden victory.

Why would God allow this?

As they say, God works in mysterious ways, and God is good. Even when things seem bleak, or you can’t understand things like why God would allow people to starve or suffer, there’s always a good that comes of it.

I believe this is what is happening now.

Throughout the Trump presidency, Democrats have been exposed left and right for who they truly are: The rioting. The looting. The one-sided propaganda media. The tainted FBI. The corrupt administrative state. The compromised CIA. The grift. The privilege. The arrogance.

I believe this is the last chapter of Trump’s first term. I believe this was meant to be. I have complete faith that what we’re witnessing is election tampering and voter fraud at such a large scale that the exposure of it will shake Americans to their core.

Sure, not everyone will be swayed. Our media will cover it up as much as possible. Our government elites will go all in on starting Biden’s transition to the Presidency. Corrupt Republicans will stay silent.

But more and more Americans will begin to see and understand exactly how corrupt our government is and how much the governing elite take them for granted and consider them stupid.

This election scandal has to happen. It’s the bridge between Trump’s first term and second term. This is all part of the draining of the swamp.

Or, I’m wrong. Maybe I’m way off base. Maybe this isn’t what happens next.

I don’t presume to know God’s plan or how he works.

But I do know that we’ll all see together. And no matter how it all ultimately ends for each of us, I believe it will end in greatness.