Today’s the day. Election day.

Today, we decide whether we’re going to be guided by our feelings or guided by results.

Democrats will be the first to tell you (because they’ll push and stampede to the front of the line) that they don’t like Donald Trump, and it’s very personal.

But right behind them will be many conservatives and Republicans who aren’t necessarily huge fans of him, personally, either.

The difference is that, as the old axiom goes, liberals feel and conservatives think.

Conservatives are going to vote for more of the results we’ve witnessed the last four years. They’re going to vote for a roaring economy, prosperity, peace, celebration of success, a renewal in national self-confidence and pride, liberty, freedom, a return of science without an agenda, bringing our troops back home, bringing civics back to public schools, school choice for under-served community, inclusion, diversity, and pride in the backbone of our country – our blue collar workforce.

Liberals are going to vote against the hate the media has told them they should have for the bad orange man who keeps calling things as he sees them. They’re going to vote for their own feelings. Those feelings include relief, happiness, and the denial required when the reality and results of your policy desires are challenged.

It’s hard to claim that we haven’t had an amazingly successful four years. Everyone who wanted to work was essentially working. Wages were up. Our industries were coming back, and we became more independent from other nations.

But people who supported Democrats felt bad because someone kept challenging them and calling them out. Someone was attacking the corruption running rampant in our government. We had a leader who just wouldn’t let the status quo of our governing elite go.

It should be an interesting night. I’ve been predicting a Trump landslide for months, and we shall soon see.