$2000. $600. Everyone is concerned about the amount of our money Congress is debating giving back to us in the name of COVID relief.

Obviously, the real answer is to stop the lockdowns and open the entire economy. But short of that, I’m wondering why I’ve not heard one person wonder why we’re all going to receive a check.

Many Americans, like myself, have been very blessed to have jobs that are allowing us to work from home as they’ve shut down much of the economy. Not only have I been receiving the same salary since this started, but I’ve also saved a bunch of money that would have gone toward vacations, restaurants, etc. (Though I am trying my best to support my local businesses and restaurants with frequent visits and larger tips.)

Instead of sending money to people who’ve been employed through all of this government incompetence, why not send more money to the people who’s livelihoods were stolen by this very same government? Perhaps an apology note could be included with each check.

They could go even further and put “non-essential” government workers on leave and use some of that money to send to those in need.

Though, I think the answer to my question lies someone in the question itself… (hint: “government incompetence.”)