If it were up to me, voter registration drives would be illegal. There would be no mention of when election day is. Pro-voting advertising would be forbidden. One would have to pass the US citizenship exam before being allowed to vote. We would only vote in person, on election day. There would be no early voting. There would be no mail-in voting.

Barack Obama is out with a series of videos repeating the line from the 2020 Democrat National Convention: “Make a plan to vote.”

What the hell does “make a plan to vote” mean?

It’s not hard. Get up, drive to your polling place, stand in line, follow the directions, vote, go home. Simple.

If you need to make a plan, perhaps you shouldn’t be voting. If you don’t know when election day is, perhaps you shouldn’t be voting.

I cannot figure out why people get on Twitter or Facebook or Nextdoor and tell everyone to vote. These are the same people who get excited if we can get close to 100% participation. Woohoo.

Voting is a right, but also a choice.

It’s like going to a concert to see someone who’s music you really love and sitting next to someone who’s only there because his girlfriend is a fan of the band. He just sits there talking through the entire show and ruining it for the people who paid to see the performer.

Let the people who are paying attention and understand why they’re voting go vote. Let those who aren’t paying attention, don’t follow politics, or simply don’t understand what they’re voting for stay home. It’s fine. There’s no shame in that.

All of these celebrities and sports stars encouraging their fans to vote… the blind leading the blind. If you have to convince someone that hard to vote, it’s better off if they don’t vote.

People who follow and care know that voting day is the first Tuesday in November. Let those people show up and vote. They can decide the fate of the country.

If your party is reliant on people who don’t know how to vote and don’t know what’s going on to go and vote, you know you’re trying to pull one over on people. The best way to get people to vote against their own interests is to get people who aren’t paying attention to vote.

And that, in a nutshell, explains the Democrat Party’s philosophy on winning elections.