You know, the funny thing about people on the left side of the political spectrum is that they always let you know when they’re aggrieved.

If someone on the left is feeling offended or insulted, they will be damn sure to let everyone know about it. And what makes them more efficient is that they know exactly what the offender is thinking and exactly what their motivations are.

That saves us the hassle of going through an investigation and hearing the other side of the story. There’s no need. The offended leftist can tell you exactly the source of malicious hatred that targeted them for abuse.

Leftists are also great at realizing that the perceived slight wasn’t actually directed at them, but everyone like them. This allows them to turn every insult into a cause and involve more people in the feeling of being insulted.

In a way, this is probably helpful. If you’re going to be walking around with anger, anyway, it’s better to have a target at which to direct it.

Conservatives? It’s not so clear with them.

First of all, conservatives are much more difficult to offend. I don’t know if this comes from being more at peace with who they are, or they have a healthier view of just how important what someone else says or thinks about them is.

Second, conservatives tend to keep their business to themselves. If someone does offend or frustrate them, a conservative is far more likely to take it directly to the offending person and settle it between the two of them.

A conservative is more likely to handle it in private. There’s no need to involve everyone. Why bother everyone else and interrupt their day?

If you have a problem with someone, confront them and let them know. Give them a chance to apologize or explain themselves. Half the time, it was probably unintended or a miscommunication, anyway.

Perhaps if we all had a little more grace, asked a few questions before getting upset, and gave people the benefit of the doubt, we could avoid a lot of problems.