The Black Lives Matter/Antifa protest efforts have certainly led to their share of destruction, brutality, and hatred. They’ve not tried at all to hide their illegal acts, and anyone who stands in their way, including (or especially) police, will be destroyed.

But to what end? What is the goal?

If Black Lives Matter/Antifa were to articulate goals, or produce a list of demands, what would be on it? What would be given to them to satiate their needs, and who would be giving it to them?

In absence of their answer, let me provide one of my own. It essentially reflects my current state.

I don’t care.

I don’t care about black people, and I don’t care about white people. I don’t care about asians or hispanics, either. I just care about people.

The world is an amazing place, and our Constitution has promised and institutionalized freedom and liberty better than any country in the history of the earth.

I don’t think there’s systemic racism. I think there are racists in our system. But the system, itself, is available to all. And as we continue to improve as a country, as a society, and as people, it will be only more so.

Until then, I think the first step is to stop caring. I don’t care about who has privilege, who owns the culture, what percentage of a workforce is any shade of skin color. It’s all irrelevant.

This entire conversation and movement, while perhaps valuable to some, is a huge setback, in my eyes.

For those who didn’t care and were already way past thinking about race, this has just dragged everyone backward into this short-sighted way of viewing our society.

Those who say all lives matter aren’t racist. They’re doing it exactly right. They’re saying exactly what the words mean. All lives matter. Not some more or less than others. All lives should be valued equally. If that raises the bar for some, then that should happen. But it definitely shouldn’t lower the bar for anyone.

As a people, we shouldn’t be looking to get even. We should be looking to raise everyone up as high as they can or want to go.

There are so many things to fix and improve that worrying about skin color is just a waste of time. Let’s stay focused on the things that could improve all of our lives and make sure everyone has equal access.