According to organizations like Black Lives Matter and it’s supporters, this country is rife with systemic racism, including a police force that hunts and kills innocent black men and women, an election system that prevents blacks from voting, and a social undercurrent of distrust for black people on the street.

If this is true, then by gosh, we need to solve it immediately. That means we can’t wait for nature to take its course. We can’t wait for racists to die away. We can’t let the empirical evidence of more and more blacks working, owning homes, owning businesses, and being visible all over popular culture stand in the way of us doing something now.

Presumably, whatever actions we take will be driven by the goal of a colorblind society. Isn’t the goal to get past judging people by physical characteristics or things of which they have no control? Aren’t we still on board with Martin Luther King, Jr’s goal of a society in which we judge others by the content of their character?

Assuming so, one would think we’d take steps toward that. But what if we’re overaggressive? What if we overcorrect? What if we go too far and make it all worse? What if we go so far that now blacks hate white people and treat them poorly? What if white people can’t trust their own relationships with blacks because everyone is so keyed up about race that it’s the only thing anyone can see?

Right now we’re fighting racism with racism. Instead of treating each other as equals and setting the example for each other, we’ve determined that black people are, in fact, different from everyone else.

They’re too stupid to get their own ID card. They all think alike. They can’t succeed without white people. They certainly can’t succeed without the government. They’re lives don’t matter unless white people say they do. They have their own acronym (BIPOC). The more money they make, the more oppressed they are. The more famous they become, the more injustice they’ve suffered.

These are just a handful of the conclusions any thinking person could draw from observing the way leftists have escalated racial tensions by making everything about race.

One could almost conclude they want racial tension. Or perhaps the Democrat Party is, in fact, still the home of racism in America. The way they seek to enslave the black community and doom them to generations of poverty (relative to the rest of the United States, that is), you’d think this is slavery 2.0.

As with climate change, my fear is that we’re overcorrecting, making the situation worse, and possibly doing enough damage that it will take generations before we recover.

Perhaps it’s time to rethink how we’re going about this.