People are leaving progressive states like California, Illinois, and New York for more conservative areas like Arizona, Idaho, or Texas.

Those liberal states have gotten so bad with their regulations, high taxes, and homeless problems, that even the people who voted for the representatives who brought about the mess can’t stand it anymore.

So, like a virus, they’re all moving on from their original hosts to find new states and cities to infect. Having seemingly learned nothing from where they just left, they’re voting in the same types of people to bring about the same problems – albeit in a new location.

The infection leaves the original hosts dead and goes on to infect new, healthy hosts. And the people who’ve lived in these cities for years are suddenly outnumbered, with the foundation of their community forever changed by people who have no connection to their new home.

Unfortunately, also like a virus, there doesn’t seem to be any known cure. Conservatism seems the likeliest vaccination, but unfortunately, there is a severe shortage of resources required for effective delivery.