In the past two weeks, there have been at least two instances of cars caught in the middle of Black Lives Matter protesters that have decided to hit the gas and get out of there.

One of them was a police officer…

The other was a regular citizen making the decision that if was going to be him or them, he was choosing him. (The absolute best thing about this video happens at 1:37: “You can’t just honk and run people over… OH!”)j

Here’s another view of it…

What strikes me about both of these is not the stupidity of the people who think it’s a good idea to stand in front of a car who’s driver is being threatened with a beating. It’s that in each, someone can be heard screaming “Oh my God!” like, “can you believe the nerve of that driver to drive over those people threatening him?”

And this is where we are. My version of, “if these actions save just one life, then they were worth it,” is “if there’s just one person who can’t believe the gall of the person in the car to drive over those terrorists standing in their way, then that’s one too many uneducated fools wandering the streets of this country.”

It sure seems like this latest generation of parents didn’t do enough letting their kids touch the hot stove.

Actions have consequences. And really stupid actions have potentially more harmful consequences.