actions have consequences

Actions have consequences

In the past two weeks, there have been at least two instances of cars caught in the middle of Black Lives Matter protesters that have decided to hit the gas and get out of there. One of them was a police officer… The other was a regular citizen making the decision that if was going to be him or them, he was choosing him. (The absolute best thing about this video happens at 1:37: “You can’t just honk and run people over… OH!”)j Here’s another view of it… What strikes me about both of these is not the stupidity…

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Actions have consequences reform

It seems we’re all talking about police reform these days. As usual, I have an idea I haven’t heard yet. It’s not necessarily specific to police so much as laws and societal norms, in general. I think it’s time to bring back the idea that actions have consequences. In recent days, we heard about the officer in Miami who punched (or slapped, depending on who you believe) a woman who had gotten in his face and started yelling at him. Meanwhile, a car ran into two people in Seattle who were occupying the I-5 freeway with a group of…

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Always mad at the consequence, never the action

Want to know how to avoid police brutality? Cooperate with a police officer. Want to know how to avoid being separated from your children when you’re in the country illegally? Don’t be in the country illegally. Trying to stay out of jail? Don’t break laws. Want to keep your right to vote? Avoid committing felonies. Don’t want to deal with road rage? Perhaps stop giving people the finger. Want to find a safe place to inject heroin? Don’t inject heroin. It’s the only safe way to deal with heroin. Don’t want to have to choose between an abortion and…

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