It seems we’re all talking about police reform these days. As usual, I have an idea I haven’t heard yet.

It’s not necessarily specific to police so much as laws and societal norms, in general.

I think it’s time to bring back the idea that actions have consequences.

In recent days, we heard about the officer in Miami who punched (or slapped, depending on who you believe) a woman who had gotten in his face and started yelling at him.

Meanwhile, a car ran into two people in Seattle who were occupying the I-5 freeway with a group of protesters. The video shows he hit both of the people at high speed. They literally flew up in the air before hitting the ground.

In the last month, there have been hundreds of examples like this caught on video, and seldom, do people get what they deserve.

If people can’t remember basic respect and manners, or do something intentionally stupid like walking out on to a highway, I think it’s time we amend the rules and allow those people to get what’s coming to them.

While I certainly have respect for those who stand there resolutely and take it as unhinged protesters yell at them in their face, I have to confess I’d like to see those people learn some manners the hard way that they should have been taught at home.

Just a few days ago, I had written to someone that if people are going to walk out onto a freeway, they should expect to get killed by a speeding vehicle. And if there was any sanity in our laws, the person who hit such a person would get off free.

We were taught at an early age that it’s a bad idea to walk out on to a busy road. In fact, you’re supposed to look left, right, then left again before entering the road. And never from between two parked cars. I still remember this from decades ago.

If someone is going to walk onto a freeway, they shouldn’t be surprised by the consequences of their actions. And if there’s any good parenting going on around Seattle, parents should be showing the video to their kids to teach them why not to walk on the freeway.

Societally, we’ve removed the consequences of too many actions that are wrong, inappropriate, or just plain stupid. Perhaps it’s time to loosen up a bit, and let people learn from the mistakes of those around them.

If someone feels so brazen about getting into the face of another, they shouldn’t be surprised when justice is immediately meted out right there.