Black Lives Matter was an extremely clever name for the organization.

People and companies all over American are rushing in to stand with, donate to, or fly the flag of Black Lives Matter. They want to show their solidarity with the idea, but in fact, they’re contributing to the organization.

Who can’t get behind the idea that black lives matter? It, like “white lives matter” or “asian lives matter,” is simply a subset of “all lives matter.”

When you say you root for the Seattle Mariners, you are inherently saying you like baseball. If you say you like “all” baseball, you are inherently saying you like Mariners baseball. (Which, I guess, is a bad analogy, if you’ve watched the Mariners play in the past few years…)

But when you march or donate to Black Lives Matter, the organization (capitalized BLM), you are attaching yourself to something far different. The Black Lives Matter organization is run by Marxists dedicated to destroying the core principles of capitalism and replacing them with radical socialism.

Their goals have little to do with racial equality and equal opportunity and everything to do with creating a tyrannical society where they presume to make the rules and pick the winners and losers.

There are many pieces of evidence worth sharing on the “what we believe” page of their website, but this one gets the closest to what we know their real agenda to be:

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

Gone is the idea that parents know what’s best for their kids and can raise them as they see fit. This is exactly the indoctrination that has gotten us where we are now. This is how we get people perfectly comfortable getting in the faces of, and shouting at, people with whom they disagree.

The First Amendment is not an option for BLM, who’s been working on campus “safe spaces” and doing what they can to shout down or condemn any opinions they don’t sanction. And the Second Amendment is a complete nonstarter because they can’t have an armed citizenry if they’re to continue this campaign of disregard for law and order. (“No justice, no peace,” right?)

Unfortunately, like with everything else, the media fails to report any useful information that could help people make informed decisions.

Fortunately, the media in some countries do their job. And when they do, you start getting news like this, out of the UK and Israel. Companies there are starting to understand the distinction between “black lives matter,” the idea, and Black Lives Matter,” the organization.

That day can’t come soon enough for the currently tortured US.