black lives matter organization

BLM vs blm

Black Lives Matter was an extremely clever name for the organization. People and companies all over American are rushing in to stand with, donate to, or fly the flag of Black Lives Matter. They want to show their solidarity with the idea, but in fact, they’re contributing to the organization. Who can’t get behind the idea that black lives matter? It, like “white lives matter” or “asian lives matter,” is simply a subset of “all lives matter.” When you say you root for the Seattle Mariners, you are inherently saying you like baseball. If you say you like “all”…

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In which system have blacks done best?

Black Lives Matter is a communist organization destroying our country for communism. They’re gaining momentum by enlisting those who believe in the “black lives matter” sentiment, but haven’t done the research to understand Black Lives Matter’s goals. Their goal, in their own words, is tearing down capitalism and replacing it with communism. So here’s my question: In what socialist or communist system have black people lived better lives than capitalism? In what country are there more successful black people than in the United States? In what country has “black culture” had a larger impact, especially on white people, than…

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