Black Lives Matter is a communist organization destroying our country for communism. They’re gaining momentum by enlisting those who believe in the “black lives matter” sentiment, but haven’t done the research to understand Black Lives Matter’s goals.

Their goal, in their own words, is tearing down capitalism and replacing it with communism.

So here’s my question: In what socialist or communist system have black people lived better lives than capitalism? In what country are there more successful black people than in the United States? In what country has “black culture” had a larger impact, especially on white people, than the United States?

While there are certainly a disproportionate percentage of blacks living in what we call poverty, United States poverty is nothing like poverty in the majority of countries around the world.

There are, of course, exceptions, but between our government safety nets and charitable organizations, our poor families still own cars, have televisions and smartphones, and can afford at least one meal per day.

The fact is, if you’re black, there isn’t a country on earth you’d rather be living in right now than the United States.

Protesting for equality is certainly warranted, and as a nation, we could definitely do better. But if your solution is a move to communism, I’m afraid you’re taking three steps back.