Democrats never account for changes of behavior.

They insist on new regulations or make new laws based on what is. Whatever the current conditions, they figure they’re new rules, based on those conditions, will create whichever favorable outcome they seek.

But they never anticipate that free people, being creative problem solvers when necessary, will always make adjustments that favor them. However many loopholes Democrats think they’ve closed, people will always find the workaround.

Democrats think it’s a good idea to defund (or decrease funding for) the police. They appear to believe people will hang in and just call the recommended social workers. But people’s responses are entirely predictable.

Residents who are living in areas considering police defunding are doing one of two things right now (at least): they’re either moving or they’re buying guns so they can protect themselves, their families, and their property.

Perhaps that’s what Democrat politicians want. (It’s getting harder and harder to tell these days.) But I’m not sure how much safer I feel knowing that everyone is armed, but a higher percentage of them are new gun owners with little to no training on how to use their weapon.

Likewise, thanks to everyone’s fear of the coronavirus, local municipalities across the nation cancelled their July 4th fireworks display. From the sounds of it, they were expecting that people would heed their warnings and stay home in isolation.

But those pesky, unpredictable Americans were at it again. Fireworks sales were through the roof, people replaced their city fireworks show with millions of private fireworks displays all across the country. It was far too many for any local police force to stop.

Again, this should have been easy to foresee, but not if you look everything as static and underestimate the ingenuity and creativity of the average person.

The left continually underestimates the free American people, and they’re therefore often frustrated. And this summarizes the personalities of your average Progressives.

They don’t trust people, so they develop policies to control them. And people always find ways to act in their own best interests, which leads Progressives angry that people ignored them, and then left them behind.

Life is too short and too precious to spend all that time being angry as you try and tame the untamable.

Here’s wishing, on this fourth of July, that the leftists among us can let go, find a moment of peace, and reflect on the critical nature of freedom, and why it’s the most important thing there is for each and every person on the earth.