fighting racism with racism

What if we’ve overcorrected?

According to organizations like Black Lives Matter and it’s supporters, this country is rife with systemic racism, including a police force that hunts and kills innocent black men and women, an election system that prevents blacks from voting, and a social undercurrent of distrust for black people on the street. If this is true, then by gosh, we need to solve it immediately. That means we can’t wait for nature to take its course. We can’t wait for racists to die away. We can’t let the empirical evidence of more and more blacks working, owning homes, owning businesses, and…

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BLM is making me racist

Many people bought into the notion that Seinfeld was “about nothing.” Hardly. One of the many reasons why Seinfeld was a brilliant show was because it was about all of the subtle nuances of human interaction and relating. In one episode, George goes to leave a tip at a take out restaurant counter, and just as he’s about to drop the money into the jar, the person at the register looks away, missing that George drops the money. This leads a great debate about if tipping matters if the person you’re tipping doesn’t know you did. It also gets…

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Teaching kids to judge one another by skin color

Black Lives Matter at School Week kicks off today in the Seattle school system. Every day this week, teachers will take time out of their lesson plans to teach our children to be suspicious of others based on their race. Black children will be taught that all white people hate them and are working together to stop them from advancing or having any chance in life. Meanwhile, white children will be taught that black people need their affirmation that black lives matter, otherwise blacks won’t think that or believe that on their own. I’m not sure what’s more galling,…

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