On Tuesday, March 31st, Obama weighed in on the Trump administrations rolling back of vehicle fuel standards:

Obama equated the coronavirus pandemic to climate change, and most detractors targeted that part of the message.

The unintended irony of Obama’s message was that both coronavirus decisions and suggested climate change actions are both on future predictions based on data models that have yet been correct.

But what stood out to me about his post was his emphasis on young people. “All of us, especially young people, have to demand better of our government… and vote this Fall.”

It’s not at all unusual for a Democrat to break us into groups, making one more important than the other, depending on the message.

But what is the Democrats fascination with the most uninformed voters? Every election (if not always), Democrats spend all of their time trying to register people who don’t care, don’t follow, and don’t vote, and get them to vote for Democrats.

Young people, by definition, don’t have as much wisdom or experience as those who’ve lived longer, seen more, and have more perspective. They don’t have as much life experience, and are still learning about how things work.

Yet, those are exactly the kind of people the Democratic Party targets to vote for their candidates. The less someone knows, or the less someone follows the news or politics, the more important they become to the Democrat’s chances of victory.

Shouldn’t that tell us something?