Those appear to be our choices.

As critical thinking people try and figure out why we are acquiescing to so much madness and why so many people are willing to be thoughtless sheep – never questioning the absurd contradictions that surround us – we’re left to consider the motives of our “experts” and decision-makers.

Could people who raise taxes really be expecting a growth economy? Or are they motivated by something else? (Say, a larger government with more highly paid and equally highly useless bureaucrats…)

Do government leaders who have shut down their states really believe people without incomes, places to go, or human interaction, will be better off resorting to alcohol, drugs, anxiety, and suicide than if some caught COVID and a handful died, as a result?

When governments refuse to enforce laws or stop mayhem in their cities, do they think they’re solving some sort of problem with their inaction, or do they not see the destructive effects on their city and the message they’re sending to the more criminally-inclined citizens?

In short, does Democrat leadership have some sort of ulterior motive, like a rush to socialism, or are they simply really stupid and unqualified to solve the problems of the day?

I’ve been wrestling with this question for decades, and I’m no closer to an answer now than I was then. This is probably an indication that the real answer is actually, both.