Our local grocery store recently changed it’s mask policy. If you have been vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask.

I am not vaccinated, nor will I be. So naturally, I was excited to get back to entering the grocery store with no mask on. The residents of the Pacific Northwest did not disappoint.

I’ve been in that grocery store five times since they changed their policy. Each time, I was the only person in the store without a mask on.

There’s no way to know this, but given the anecdotal evidence and sensibilities (such as they are) of the Seattle area, but my suspicion is that I was the only one in the store who had not been vaccinated, and I was the only one not wearing a mask. I never once saw another worker or shopper without a mask.

But I guess it still works, right? Since everyone else has a mask on, I’m in no danger of contracting the virus from them, nor are they from me.

If it’s a fair assumption that most everyone in the store had a vaccination, then between their masks and vaccinations, they should be plenty protected from the walking viral timebomb that was maskless me. Likewise, I was in no danger because everyone around me had a mask.

So, while the execution was probably the opposite of what the store intended, the net results were probably the same.