There’s an old saying: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

It speaks to the advantages of working or dealing with a person you don’t like but know well versus someone who is unknown and unpredictable.

I think it is this kind of thinking that is largely responsible for the state of the United States today. People are so risk-averse and so afraid of being challenged or uncomfortable that they’d rather just suck it up and deal with what’s happening to them rather than putting their energy toward finding something better.

Sitting and suffering is the way of the socialist country citizen. When you’ve lost your ability to resist, or even the understanding of why you would resist, you’re already done.

No matter what the situation, I don’t understand why anyone would sit and suffer when they could be looking for a better way. It just doesn’t make any sense to me, and it never has.

Usually, when I make a decision that others can’t understand, like switching jobs, it’s because they can’t figure out why I would change my circumstances when it’s better and easier to have a job on your resume for a few years than look like you’re constantly changing or leaving jobs.

But my happiness is more important than suffering for a year or two of my life when I could just go find a better opportunity. I am constantly on the go and when things aren’t going right, I’m always trying to find a better way. That’s the human spirit. That’s why natural resourcefulness and the entrepreneurial spirit is what has always, and will again, save us.

It’s exactly because we’re familiar with the current devil that we’ll make sure to avoid him again in the future. We recognize the current devil, and we’ll know when we find someone better because it’ll look nothing like now