For 30 years, I’ve been wondering why the Republican Party is so spineless and reluctant to stand up for… well, anything. And I know I’m not alone.

Hoping for the Republican Party to step up, put a stop to the nonsense, and do the right thing is an endless exercise in frustration and anger. They simply never show up. They never take a stand. They never put their foot down. They never make a bold move. Most importantly, they never represent the people who put them there – their voters.

And after four years of Donald Trump, we finally know why: Because they’re not conservatives. They’re not even ideological. They’re all bought and paid for by corporations and international governments. In short, they’re no different than Democrats.

Waiting for, or expecting, Republicans to do anything to lift a finger to fight for freedom and liberty is a waste of time. It’s time to stop being fooled.

Most Republicans don’t even bother talking a good game. Maybe a Mike Lee or Jim DeMint now and again. But the bulk of them simply stay silent or even join Democrat talking points.

This is why Donald Trump has been a solo act from the beginning. The Republican Party doesn’t support him and doesn’t like him because he’s a threat to their way of life.

Whether or not Trump means it, he speaks for and represents “the little guy.” He represents Middle America. He works for the American worker – the people who make this country go each and every day.

But worse, he specifically identified “the Washington Swamp,” or “Deep State,” and he specifically declared he was going to tear them down. In doing so, we learned, or confirmed, that nearly every DC institution is corrupt and in the pockets of some mega-donor, corporation, or foreign government. Nearly all of them. It’s truly astounding. And frightening.

As I recently wrote, conservatives don’t need to form a third party because we are a third party. It’s only our reluctance to accept that reality that stops us from becoming a truly unstoppable force.

The Trump rallies and vote counts have proven how big this third party truly is. We just need to continue to coordinate and identify leaders who won’t sell us out.

Think back to the Tea Party. It was simply a precursor to where we are now. But it’s important to understand what happened to them. They were co-opted by the Republican Party and disappeared shortly after the GOP had neutered it. Further proof that the Republican Party is just as full of self-serving individuals as the Democrat Party.

If you don’t know it by now, you never will. Waiting for Republicans to do anything other than sit silently and disappoint their base is a foolish waste of time.

The sooner we can all realize this and align our efforts, the sooner we can preserve our liberties and freedoms. However, if we don’t, we may never see them again in our lifetime.