Aside from the lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing, alcoholism, drug use, anxiety, starving families, destroyed businesses, stress, anxiety, increased screen time, rise in obesity, government leader hypocrisy, contradicting strategies, stress, rise in suicides, further societal division, inability to learn from empirical evidence, misleading and biased reporting, fear mongering, Dr. Fauci’s media whoring, constant effort to blame President Trump, crippled industries, bogus statistics, lack of common sense, fear, panic, paranoia, missing courage, sheep-like behavior, closed music venues, empty sports stadiums, sedentary children, video conferencing, isolation, depression, vulnerable children, kids not in school with their peers and teachers, lack of vacation, and prison-like environment we’ve made in this country, the absolute worst thing about COVID is that you can’t go out for breakfast if you’re in the State of Washington.

Unlike lunch or dinner, great breakfast foods like pancakes or scrambled eggs simply don’t survive a take-out environment. They are to be enjoyed hot from the kitchen at a restaurant or diner table, served by human wait staff.

Plus, because lockdowns have completely destroyed the restaurant industry, many of the best breakfast spots have disappeared… forever.

When history looks back at how stupidly and poorly we’ve handled this virus, the primary example is going to be on the inability to go out for a great breakfast.

I hope future generations learn to appreciate the greasy french toast and sausage you can only get at a local diner.