There’s been a fair amount of talk about secession in the United States. It’s hardly a new idea. It was, of course, a foundational element of our first Civil War. And people have discussed it, whimsically or seriously, ever since.

The clamor is rising again as it’s clear there’s little left in common between the right and the left. It used to be we all agreed we wanted the best for the U.S., it was just a matter of how best to achieve it.

Now, it’s clear leftists want to tear down the country, as founded, and replace it with some form of communism or socialism. Meanwhile, conservatives want to defend the Constitution and maintain our freedom, liberty, and rights.

And that’s what I’ve not heard anyone address or discuss about secession: We all know what the Constitution would be for the red states… but what would a leftist constitution look like?

Until we’ve answered that, I’m not sure one can predict how many would gravitate toward one versus the other.

As I said, the red states would undoubtedly maintain our existing Constitution with, perhaps, a few tweaks like adding term limits or a line item veto. People deciding where to live will probably be inclined to look at the red state constitution. For many, it may be the first time they’ve read it. But when you read it, it sure sounds like a great way to organize a society.

What would be the blue state answer to the Constitution? One could only guess…

  • The letters “m,” “e,” and “n” can never appear in a word in that order.
  • Everyone must state their race on every form they complete to do away with racism. (And there must be a form for absolutely every activity one undertakes, so responsibility can be established should one need to sue another over any common, every day accident that may have been racially motivated.)
  • There will be no acknowledgment of gender.
  • No electricity or gas will be allowed in the blue country.
  • Those making more than us will be taxed 100% of their earnings.
  • Minimum wage will be $70K per year.
  • The government will own all businesses.
  • Any accidental success a black person achieves will be met with an immediate and mandatory media story about how oppressed black people are. (Because in a blue country, they will be.)
  • Everyone will wear masks, eat only vegetables, drive Suburus, and stay indoors… for their own safety, of course.
  • All communications between any two (or more) people will be in writing, via text, IM, email, or some chat app.
  • No laws will be enforced unless against a visiting red state resident.

One could go on. I’m sure you thought of ten while you were reading these.

Until we know what the blue state constitution would be, we can’t know how this country would divide itself and where the majority of people would wan to live.

But, I think we can safely conclude that once the constitutions were established, the blue country population would probably come in around 20 million.

And then, for the first time in American history, people would truly understand and realize what conservatism really is and that they’ve been conservative all along, because they will have read the Constitution (many, for the first time) and realized it’s a pretty amazing way to live.