Conservatives believe in the Constitution. They believe it is one of the most important documents ever created. If liberal politicians believed in the Constitution – as conservatives do – then you might hear them mention it now and again. Conservatives use it as a filter for nearly every idea, proposal or policy they hear about.

The Constitution is a unique document because it lays out a list of things that the government can’t do. The government can’t take away your right to pursue your own happiness. The government cannot take away your freedom. It can’t remove your right to free speech.

Obviously, it goes on from there. I think those who don’t hold the Constitution in such high esteem would rather a document that lays out what the government can do.

The reason the Constitution is so perfect is because it recognizes, as the law of the land, that rights don’t come from government. Rights come from a higher power – call it God, or whatever works for you.

And because rights naturally exist, they can’t be taken away. If you think they’re given to us by the government, then you’re making the argument the government can take them away.

But what I think is the most important aspect of the Constitution is that it lays the groundwork for a society of men and women who are free and encouraged to pursue their passions with no government restrictions.

People are motivated by their self-interest. It is a primal driver in all people. Unlike other governments that tried to suppress the role of the individual in favor of the masses, the Constitution lays the groundwork for a people driven by individual effort – free market capitalism.

The Founders of this country realized then what continues to be true to this day – all of the great achievements in this world were by people pursuing their own interests and ideas. When people are free to pursue their dreams, it propels the entire society forward. It improves people’s lives with inventions and jobs. And everyone benefits.

Look throughout history, and you will find no other governmental structure that has raised so many out of poverty as has capitalism.

While Democrat politicians refer to capitalism as a “failed policy,” conservatives see that it was capitalism, built into our governing documents, that turned the United States into the greatest country on earth. And it’s only as we’ve started to add elements of socialism – government intervention and regulation – that we’ve started to fall back to the rest of the world.

If there’s one book or document with which everyone should become more familiar, it is the Constitution. If you’ve never read it, take the time. Don’t be satisfied with the snippets either party gives you as sound bites when they’re arguing for their causes. Read it yourself, and you’ll witness firsthand exactly why it is one of the most important works in the known world.

Besides, who would play a game without first learning the rules?