Humans are capable of anything. Usually, that means we can rise to great heights and achieve beyond expectations.

But it also means we can be exceedingly cruel and unreasonable. We can almost literally shield our brains from logic and our emotions from empathy.

In 2020, Americans are showing off just how low they can go.

While Democrats have rationalized what is quickly becoming one of the greatest streaks of barbarism in national history, Republicans have turned their back far enough to pull their phones out of their back pocket to Tweet about how mad they are that this time, the Democrats have gone too far.

Strangely, the socialists, Marxists, communists, and Democrats (redundant?) have decided that the more videos they can produce of their supporters viciously beating the crap out of people they pulled out of cars, pushed off bikes, or just selected on the sidewalk, the better chance they have of convincing people to vote for them in 2020.

Meanwhile, and more predictably, the Republicans have gotten really mad, gosh darn it. In an effort to get President Trump reelected, they’ve set about reminding people how completely and laughably ineffective they are at standing up for themselves or anyone else.

Their gambit is to remind people that if you want anyone in the country to do anything about this, or at least even give the Democrats some lip-service resistance, you’d better re-elect Donald Trump because the Republicans sure as hell aren’t going to do anything about it.

In a few short months, we’ll know first hand which approach is more effective: showing Americans just how nasty and evil one party can be or how spineless and ineffective the other can be.

People often speak of elections as the lesser of two evils. In 2020, are two parties are doing their best to make this the lesser election of our lifetimes.

(I’m excited to see if we find out by January how it ends…)