One of the purposes of this site is to share opinions which I think are underrepresented, or not at all represented, anywhere else. So it’s seldom I spend time on events or people that have been well-covered.

But the more I read Scott Adams, the man behind Dilbert, the more he stands out from everyone else. (Just like me.)

In just the last two days, he has contributed more critical thinking to “the conversation” than any other source I’ve seen. Here’s an example of what he’s shared via his Twitter account, @ScottAdamsSays:

As a political science major who’s studied the differences between communism, socialism, and Marxism, I always ended up concluding, “Who cares? The differences are semantics, at best.” He sums up the importance very nicely.

It all depends on how proactive people want to be on their research and news sources.

Absolutely, 100% more important than defunding the police. Our media is the single greatest threat to our country right now. He nails it in three easy words.

Here’s one quick example of why the media threat is so great.

This last one is sheer brilliance. It captures many of the intensely dynamic nuances of the current race debate and all of its subtle ties to Marxism.

I could go on, but that would just be repeating something that is already available to all.

If you haven’t pay attention to his Twitter feed, but also read Winning Bigly. That book illustrates that Adams has a handle on how to read President Trump than perhaps any other pundit weighing in these days.