America is really being put to the test these days, and it pains me to say this, but we may be failing.

Land of the free? Nope. We’re locked in our homes, and obediently awaiting orders from our fearless leaders to let us know when it’s safe again. We’re actively turning away from activities we want to do and people we want to see for fear of catching a virus.

We’re not attending, or even having, funerals. We’ve shuttered weddings. Honking outside the house is the new birthday song.

Home of the brave? People are scared to death. Even with many states moving away from lockdowns or ending them entirely, too many people are still quivering inside their homes waiting for… what?

America is the country who fearlessly left England, fought wars for our independence, travelled to unknown parts of this country to set up towns and cities. We built planes. We landed on the moon. And we make sure, every night, that there are no monsters under our kids’ beds.

But we can’t resume our lives for fear that we may get sick – with extremely little chance of dying from that illness.

We may need to revisit the song… or rewrite it.