Did the Democrats learn anything?

For eight years, during George W. Bush’s presidency, they spent every waking moment, every possible news story, every media appearance, and every speech convincing us that President Bush was the most horrific, evil, stupid, ill-intentioned, meanest, lost, inarticulate, careless, and dangerous person on the earth.

For the past four years, they’ve expended many times that energy on President Trump.

They think their message is a warning. But in fact, the real message is that somehow, the majority of voting Americans are so stupid that they actually voted for the most evil human being on the face of the earth.

The result is a serious over-playing of their hand.

Americans have great respect for accountability and responsibility. If someone makes a mistake or does something to lose the public trust, Americans want to know. They may forgive. They may want to see justice. They may want consequences felt. But Americans definitely want to know.

However, when you spend every literal waking moment continually beating the drum of how bad someone is, without the corresponding evidence (in quality and seriousness), things tend to backfire.

Americans are a fair people, and after awhile, they start tuning out all of the unproven accusations and start concluding that no one is that bad.

Once there, Americans will start paying attention to and judging the accusers – especially if they’ve gone way, way, way too far. And in this case, they certainly have.

Not many people could make someone like President Trump a sympathetic character, but the Democrat Party may have actually done it – making this their greatest accomplishment of the last four years.