I think people have this view of 2020 entirely backward.

If we learned anything this year, it should be that times were always uncertain. There is never certainty. Nothing is ever predictable. No one ever knows exactly what’s going to happen next.

Who new there would be coronavirus?

Who knew England would vote to leave the European Union?

Who knew Hillary was going to lose?

Who knew Hillary was going to lose to Obama?

Who knew the World Trade Center was going to fall?

Who foresaw the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Who could predict that every environmental prediction of the last 50 years that said the earth only had 10 more years wouldn’t come close to being accurate?

We have all of these experts with their predictive data models that the media always believes, and we fool ourselves into thinking we have it all figured out and that life is full of certainties, when in reality, we’re constantly surprised.

This is one of the things that makes life so full and so fun.

We have no idea what’s going to happen next. Things we could never have dreamed of happen all the time. This article mentions some of the more global events. But think about all of the things that happen in your personal life, or the personal lives of friends and family, that no one could have foreseen.

The fact is, life is uncertain, and that’s what makes us get up every morning and try harder. Past mistakes can be undone. Foregone conclusions can change in a heartbeat. The odds can twist in your favor with one random act.

For those who think, based on 2020, that we’re in uncertain times… you haven’t been paying attention. We’ve been enjoying the uncertainty of life since the beginning of time.