When people want to believe something badly enough, they’ll be quick to believe something that is edited or presented to look the way they want it to look.

Today’s example comes from President Trump’s rally in Prescott, AZ.

During the rally, he talked about how he would go about fundraising if he had no dignity and wanted to raise money in big $25 million chunks instead of the grassroots support he’s currently getting.

A short clip was taken from that 1.5 hour speech which shows Trump talking about a call to Exxon to raise money.

Of course, as is almost always the case, the clip is out of context, and few can be bothered to ask questions or do the research necessary to figure out if what they’re seeing is the full story.

Another illustration of how critical thinking, combined with laziness, has turned us into a nation of sheep who just believe what we’re told and rarely challenge anything.

We’re all just so quick to believe the worst without showing any curiosity toward who’s sharing the clip and what they may want us to believe.

Fortunately, you have The Bubbler. We question everything. It’s how we affirmed our conservativity. Whenever friends would present me with quotes or clips or stories of all the horrible and reprehensible things Republicans have done or said, I would always go research the other side of the story.

I’d seek out the whole quote or the context of the situation before making up my own mind on it.

In this case, it was simple enough to find the full valley from the rally on YouTube. If you start watching around the 32 minute mark, you will see the full context of the story.

Much of the Democrat presentation of the news we get relies on taking things out of context or not understanding the entirety of the situation that led up to the events they’re sharing.

It wasn’t hard to guess Trump was probably speaking about Joe Biden’s fundraising or Hunter Biden’s involvement in funneling money back to Joe. Watching the full clip confirms that.

But just like Black Lives Matter wearing their socialist goals on their website sleeve, Exxon leadership could have easily watched the full video to understand what Trump really said.

Instead, they played right into the story by responding to critics and declaring, “It never happened.”

Of course it never happened. Trump said so when he presented it. Obviously, it never happened.

Unfortunately, as long as people are unwilling to take the time to learn the context of things, we’re always going to be a nation in which a sizable portion of the populace is constantly misled.