When did this country become so easily oppressed?

America has always been known for overcoming adversity. We’re the original comeback kids. Whenever the going gets tough, our tough gets going.

Yet suddenly, everyone is oppressed. Since when are we so easily defeated.

If you have a goal or something you want, and you really want it, you have to be persistent, not give up, and pursue it until it happens (or until you learn definitively it’s not happening).

Seeing all of these people in the streets and in politics (the Democrat Party, specifically) who feel helpless or who expect something be handed to them is so discouraging.

I’m not sure how or when our education system (or parents) failed the kids, but they need to toughen up. Life’s not easy, and you don’t just get what you want. But just because you don’t get what you want, that doesn’t mean you’re oppressed. It doesn’t mean the system is working against you.

It just means you have to work harder, get creative, and find other ways to achieve your goals. Maybe you need to network and find someone who’s in a position to help. Maybe you have to exhaust more avenues.

I know some people don’t want to hear this, but there’s not systemic racism or oppression. There may be a racism within the system, but the system itself is not inherently racist.

And you know what? So what if it is. Sure, if it is, we need to fix it. But are you really going to wait around until we declare this problem solved? Are you really going to put your life on hold waiting for some bureaucrats to figure things out?

Or are you going to take control of your future and find a creative way to get what you’re seeking. Persistence, resistance, and creativity are critical pieces to achieving your goals.

Instead of telling our youth how the deck is stacked against them and they don’t stand a chance, we need to inspire them and tell them stories of how people in similar circumstances overcame similar odds to find their dreams.

America is a country full of possibilities, for everyone. Convincing our youth, or almost an entire race, that they’re victims and have no chance for success is one of the cruelest things we’ve ever done to one of our generations.

When you talk about systemic racism, I don’t think that’s within the system of government we’ve established. The systemic racism lies in the Democrat Party message that blacks will never amount to anything without the help of the Democrats.

It’s time to inspire and to lead. It’s time to help our youth understand the path to success and achievement. It’s time to show them how it’s done. Our country is at its best when we’re rising up and optimistic. Conversely, we’re at our worst when we’re trying to bring people down for a collective wallow.

If we really want to help those around us in need, volunteer time, find out what people want, and help show them the path. It’s not too late for anyone to start working toward their dreams.