We’re all racist. You’re racist. I’m racist. Everyone is racist.

Liberals know they’re racists, so that puts them at least kind of on the side of the victims of racism (or at least forgiveable).

Conservatives are super obvious blatant racists. Everyone knows that.

But what if it’s not racism? What if it’s racism fatigue? What if the people we consider racists are really racismists?

Racismists are those who reflexively are just sick of accusations of racism that have no legitimate or coherent reason or evidence. They’re sick of all bad things that happen to any black people being blamed on racism.

It’s a horrible time to be a racismist. After suffering through 8 years of Obama critics obviously being racist (because there was no way anyone could have had issues with his statements or policies), two years of NFL national anthem protests, constantly hearing about cops shooting innocent random black people (with no mention of blacks shooting other blacks), every other awards show, movie, or television show going out of their way to deal with the subject matter or racism, every company talking about the importance of diversity and hiring diversity departments, and everything a Republican politician others obviously motivated by their seething hatred of blacks, perhaps there’s societal racism fatigue.

Everywhere you turn, there’s more people bringing up racism and diversity. But it’s only about black people. There’s no constant lament about racism against asians or hispanics. The irrational hatred of someone because of their skin color apparently only applies to black people. The differences in asian and hispanic skin color are apparently warmly welcomed. Why is that? Because we’re not constantly talking about racism against asians or hispanics?

Maybe it’s time to stop saying everything is racist. Maybe it’s time to stop dividing everything up into identity groups. Maybe the bad thing that happened to a random black person was, in fact, a random event. Maybe similarly bad random events are happening to people all over the world. While other randomly good events are happening to different people. Perhaps it’s time to celebrate our commonalities, instead of our differences. (And I’m not referring to skin color.)

I, for one, am done with racism. I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m not one, and I’m done with anyone implying I am.