When you say the following words to a leftist, I imagine there responses would look something like this:

  • Whites = racist
  • Blacks = helpless
  • Illegal immigrants = Democrat voters
  • Women = victims
  • Police = killers
  • Hispanics = unskilled labor
  • Middle America = uneducated hicks
  • Tech professionals = important
  • Republicans = white supremacists
  • Democrats = useful idiots
  • Celebrities = important
  • Wealthy people = educated

The pattern here is that leftists don’t see individuals. They see groups.

However you want to group people, leftists see everyone in that group as the same. Blacks all think alike. Police all want to kill black people. Middle Americans are all toothless rednecks. The list goes on.

The only people they see as individuals is themselves. They see themselves different from any group you mention. It’s only when you start talking about one demographic group or another that they start to see the nuances and distinctions that set them apart as individuals… from the rest of those groups.

They can tell you how they’re different, but they can’t see how foolish the notion is that all people of a physical characteristic can be lumped together as the same.

Leftists assume all black people are poor and helpless victims who can’t even figure out how to get their own identification. The take it for granted that all black people vote Democrat and live in welfare.

Leftists assume that all police officers are racists brutes who spend their days hunting unarmed black people to kill.

Their demographic grouping are lazy and destructive and never account for the individuality of every person on earth. We’re not all the same, and our group affiliations reveal very little about us. We’re all dynamic, and we are all the sum of our very disparate parts.

Grouping people together is very lazy and will always lead you to destructive conclusions. But that is the path we’re taking as a country as we make false and misleading conclusions about this or that demographic group.

Instead of grouping people, get to know the people in your sphere. Get to know the people around them, and if you want to help, listen to their specific issues and see what you can do.