A woman I work with was recently complaining about all the “mansplaining” her boss does to her and other women.

Apparently, they define “mansplaining” as when a man talks down to women, like they’re children, and over-explains something to them like they couldn’t figure it out on their own.

My interpretation is, unsurprisingly, a bit different. I think she’s a woman looking for more supportive evidence to justify her stance that all men are sexist and arrogant.

For “mansplaining” to be a real thing, it would have to be something that only men do. However, it’s just as easy to find a woman who explains things to men as if they’re four-year-olds who can’t figure things out for themselves. (This may sound familiar to one or two husbands out there…)

The fact is, there are just people out there who are either arrogant, or just impatient, who over-explain or over-simplify because they’re frustrated that they have to explain it at all.

There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just one of those things that some people do.

Unfortunately, a few women who are looking for more justification to be aggrieved have determined that it’s just men who do this to women.

(If you’re a woman reading this, forgive me if I’m mansplaining “mansplaining” to you.)