When left-leaning politicians and activists saw that the phrase “global warming” was running into the wall of truth that was a 10 year cooling cycle, the vernacular was changed to “climate change.”

Who can argue with “climate change?” The climate, by its very nature, is always changing. So you get to be always right.

Meanwhile, after decades of calling conservatives “racist,” it has finally begun to ring hollow. The facts just don’t match the claim.

So, as with “global warming,” the marketing machine spun up a new phrase for it: “white supremacy.” We can look forward to hearing this phrase for the next five or six years, until it, too, begins to ring hollow.

And in that time, the racists, who, by definition, see everything according to race, will continue to claim everything a conservative says or does is due to race.

I, for one, am looking forward to hearing the phrases that replace “climate change” and “white supremacy.”

Meanwhile, with the exception of Donald Trump, the weakest marketing department in the history of marketing, the GOP, will continue to lose this battle of ideas.