term limits

Battling corruption: the Republican winning message

The Republican Party needs a winning message – not just for the 2022 midterms, but for the 2024 general election, as well. Nothing could be more powerful than fighting corruption. The country is terribly divided right now. It’s accentuated by the fact that the parties, and those who defend them, are so aggressively at each other’s throats about, well… everything. It used to be that the two parties wanted the best for America, but disagreed on how to get there. Now they disagree on the fundamental direction of the country, and many will tell you we can’t come back…

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Term limits

Back in the 1990’s, the idea of putting term limits, or limiting the number of terms a Senator or House Representative can serve started to gain a little traction and pick up steam. Of course, with the people who need to be term-limited in charge of voting on such a change, it didn’t happen and was never going to happen. Fast forward to now, and I think we have confirmation as to why. It’s never been clearer in my lifetime that our politicians have sold us out. They don’t represent the best interests of the American people. They serve…

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Elect a new Congress

Can you imagine 535 new congressmen in the nation’s capital? (Yes, I realize we only vote for one-third of the Senate at a time.) Instead of slowing bringing in new people who can be taught by the old how to grease each other’s palm and scratch each other’s back to entrench themselves in the system, you’d have 535 people who wouldn’t even know where their offices are. There’d be no existing relationships with lobbyists. No one would be well-versed in parliamentary rule. They’d probably have to rewrite the rules of the House and Senate. They’d look at the way…

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