If you’re following events closely – and by definition, that means seeking out conservative news sources beyond the mainstream print, television, and internet media – you’ve probably concluded the United States is lost. Or at least we’re breathing our last gasp.

That may be true… or it may not.

Thinking long-term, which we arguably don’t have, I think the truth continues to catch fire, and more and more conservatives have their eyes wide open every day. What used to be called “conspiracy theories” are proving to be true.

Take just last Friday. “Mitt” Ronna McDaniel, lapdog to the Republican Party’s big money donors, won reelection to serve as Chair of the Republican National Committee, despite wildly under-performing in 2018, 2020, and 2022.

Despite a formidable and well-fought challenge from Harmeet Dhillon, McDaniel doubled her vote total and remains.

McDaniel, like Kevin McCarthy, is deservedly recognized as barely a RINO, and more likely another globalist stooge. Conservatives everywhere were looking for her to lose – not just because she deserved it, but also as a sign that the Republican Party cares a whit about their conservative base and is interested in fighting or winning anything.

But the reaction immediately after the election gave me hope. Conservatives on Twitter were very quick to recognize the final proof: The GOP doesn’t care about conservatives, the conservative cause, consequences for failure, or winning anything.

As I wrote back in November of 2020, the third party already exists. We’ve been not participating or barely voting for the GOP for long enough. Conservatives are starting to shift and looking for alternatives. Why, just hours after the RNC Chairman vote, @theshadowgop appeared on Twitter, dedicated to diverting funds to real conservatives drying out the GOP.

The Republican Party, like the Democrat Party, is a permanent grift. It’s only there to line the pockets of the leadership and the lackeys. I wrote corruption being the real rallying point, and I think people are starting to get it.

Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy had to really fight for Speaker of the House, and he didn’t get it without solid promises to conservatives in the House. McCarthy, like McDaniel, is another globalist Republican sell-out. He proved it time and again over the years. And like McDaniel, he had to fight to get his win – including releasing the 14,000 hours of January 6 footage (another conspiracy theory coming true right before our eyes).

Another eye-opener to the McCarthy fight is that we now know how many conservatives are in the House: 20. While that’s not great news, at least conservatives can now see to just what extent the GOP political class has been bought off. You can’t fix the problem until you understand the problem, right?

Another benefit to both the McDaniel and McCarthy wins is that conservatives, and more specifically, Trump supporters, are starting to see Trump for who he really is. Trump, the man who would drain the swamp, supported two of the swamp leaders for their positions.

Sure, he still likes to say things like “fake news” and give playground names to his opponents, but his actions are starting to speak louder than his words, and he’s showing conservatives who he really is.

And then there’s the World Economic Forum. It wasn’t long ago that very few paid attention to this, knew what it was, knew who attended, or heard anything about it. But I was just talking to some friends who don’t really follow politics that closely, and they were talking about it.

Not only are people hearing more and more about these stories, but they’re also getting creative with what to do about them. Just yesterday, Jordan Peterson announced he’s going to have his answer to the WEF conference in London this November to talk about an alternative to the WEF’s “apocalyptic narrative.”

People are slowly starting to understand what’s really happening that the media isn’t talking about. And speaking of what the media is ignoring… the most recent Project Veritas video with the Pfizer research executive admitting that Pfizer will work on mutating the virus so they can make vaccines to cure it has gotten more than 30 million views.

Word is getting out.

And don’t even get me started on COVID. Readers of The Bubbler knew we were among the first to figure out what COVID, the lockdowns, the masks, and the injections were really all about. People are now seeing for themselves by the thousands.

All of the healthy young athletes dying suddenly, along with the 30% rise in all-cause mortality is starting to get noticed – despite the absolute mainstream media blackout.

God is, and has always been, on the side of the truth, and you just can’t keep the truth down for long. Americans, and people all over the world, are starting to wake up. And hopefully, it won’t be long before they start getting active and participating.

There’s a real opportunity for people to unify around the idea of fighting the corruption of our would-be rulers, and I think, for the first time in my life, the tide is beginning to shift and the word only continues to spread.