It pains me to say it, but Joe Scarborough was right about something.

On his show this morning, he was talking about Republicans talking about gas stoves, and he said, “It’s so stupid. They’re talking about gas stoves instead of Vladimir Putin threatening nuclear war… instead of China invading Taiwan.”

He’s right. That is stupid. But not necessarily for the reasons he thinks.

It’s stupid because, once again, the Republican Party’s disaster of a marketing department (that’s me stupidly believing they have one) is reacting to the latest ridiculous idea from Democrats instead of going on offense and talking about what’s most important.

Republicans have been reactive and playing defense for as long as I’ve been following politics (at least 35 years). For as long as I can remember – and consistently pointing this out was one of Rush Limbaugh’s amazing gifts from God – Democrats and their activists have been coming up with one seemingly ridiculous idea after another to solve some non-existent problem that Republicans have reactively laughed off and dismissed.

Carbon emissions tax. Solar power. Wind turbines. Banning gas stoves. Banning grocery bags. Banning incandescent light bulbs. Banning trans fats. Soda taxes. Legalizing drugs. Creating clean needle sites. Drag queen story time for kids. Mail-in ballots… the list goes on and on and on.

Democrats are constantly on offense: flooding the zone with one nonsensical idea after another. It is a steady flow of ideas that sound so ridiculous that most Republicans (or at least conservatives) can’t imagine how anyone could possibly take them seriously.

And before long, those ideas are now the subjects of real policy debates, and they eventually either become law or regulation.

Conservatives have to learn to go on offense and stay there. Flood the zone with real, common sense solutions. Flood the zone with accusations. Brand the Democrats before they have a chance to accuse Republicans of everything Democrats are doing.

The Democrat Party is the Party of Projection. The Republicans should be hammering that home every chance they get until any American can recite it.

Instead, they have no coherent, coordinated message. They’re always reacting, and half the time, the reaction is to laugh of what is an obviously stupid Democrat idea… that becomes law or regulation 6 months… 12 months… or even ten years later.

Until the Republican Party gets a marketing department – one with experienced leadership who understand how to build a brand – they will continue to lose until they are finally gone.