Before Kevin McCarthy was able to win the vote to be the 118th Congress’ Speaker of the House, he had to overcome 20 conservatives who refused to vote for him.

Answering the question: How many conservatives are there in Congress – specifically the House of Representatives.

We’ve heard talk of “the 1%” – the richest people in American who control a great deal of wealth and have an undue affect on decisions that get made in this country.

Now conservatives know how many conservatives there are in the Republican Party. They know how many members of the House are willing to put their principles and conservatism on the line for the sake of the country.

You may or may not agree with what they did or how they did it. You may think they “had no plan,” or were simply grandstanding. Any or all of that may be true.

But the fact is, they stood up against corrupt Washington, who’s been selling out God, the country, and its citizens for decades. They were willing to pause the business of this Congress to have a real floor debate, where nearly everyone was present and many representatives went on record with their opinions.

Given the way Republicans have avoided talking about the January 6 political prisoners, the Twitter files, the 2020 election, election integrity, or the COVID vaccines, I was starting to wonder just how many movement conservatives there are in Congress.

Quite frankly, I’m surprised there are that many…