Have conservatives learned nothing from the 2020 and 2022 elections?

There are no elections. The results are already baked in. It’s all theater. There are few real elections anymore. Just ask Kari Lake in Arizona.

If there were real elections, Mitch McConnell wouldn’t have a job. Nobody wants Mitch McConnell in the Senate – or anywhere near politics. Yet, here he is. He wins every time he runs.

18 Senators voted for the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill in late December of 2022. How many are really scared that someone may run against them in their next election primary.

The fix is in. It’s done. They know they don’t answer to the will of the people. They certainly don’t represent it. Why on earth would they take a primary threat seriously?

One of the Party’s operating principles is that Americans are too trusting and neighborly to believe that there may be a person, much less a party, that would actually want to keep people poor, destroy freedom, end America, or put Big Pharma money ahead of what’s good for Americans.

It’s our biggest downfall – our inability to trust the evidence that we see with our own eyes (in those rare instances we’re actually to find and see evidence that isn’t buried by state-run corporate media).

We can run primary candidates all day, but we’re not organized enough, and we’re not close enough to the mechanics of elections to influence anything. Until we get a decent marketing and messaging approach and combine it with successful ways to get the message out, we’re just making threats that we don’t even realize are empty.