Many think the best time to advertise is during a recession.

The ads are less expensive. Your competition is in expense-cutting mode. There’s less clutter on the airwaves. You can establish a reputation in the quiet time so when business heats up again, people are familiar with you and what you do.

Instead of only reacting to every single Tic Tok video abnormality, Biden misstatement, COVID statistic, proposed vaccine mandate, and piece of bad economic news, there’s a better strategy.

Sure, in real time, those things are standard operating procedure. But with the election over and the mid-terms still a ways out, this is the perfect time for conservatives to take advantage of the relative political quiet to start talking about who they are and why most people are actually aligned with them.

The Republicans do a great job of allowing the Democrats, with great help from the media, to brand Republicans and tell the public what they stand for. According to Democrats, Republicans are white supremacist, domestic terrorist, anti-vax, conspiracy theorists who are too vile and stupid to navigate the great nuances of life.

And, as usual, the Republicans do little-to-nothing to combat the narrative or provide an alternative portrayal. And so it sticks.

While the Republicans and Democrats are in their day-to-day squabbles about this or that, conservatives could dominate the proverbial airwaves with their own competing narrative.

Take that time to talk about freedom and what it really means and looks like. Talk about the importance of free speech and what we’re missing when it’s taken away. Talk about the need for safety and security. Talk about the importance of consequences and what happens when you just let people break laws with no fear of them.

Talk about why how we cede our security to other countries when we don’t produce vital goods and services, like oil and medicine, right here within our borders. Talk about what it means when the government continues to spend and print money and how that debt leaves us extremely vulnerable to our creditors.

Now is the time to start running promotions during local news broadcasts, on our around local news sites, display retargeting ads, Tic Tok/social media videos, and paid SEM associated with popular news search terms.

Instead of using that time to point out something negative about Democrats, start identifying with Americans. When conservatives just speak, in conceptual terms (as we do on The Bubbler), about what conservatism means and how common sensical it is, it will resonate.

When politicians and talking heads scratch the surface of conservatism in the context of refuting some Democrat statement or policy, people preemptively get their defenses up.

But when you speak when there’s relative calm outside of the context of politics, and you share the commonly held beliefs and virtues of conservatism, you will reach people in a way that will pay dividends when election campaigning begins.