Today at CPAC, I was fortunate to catch John James, a congressional candidate from Michigan.

He opened by telling a story about when he was in the Army and was called upon to provide air support for some trapped soldiers. He made the specific point that because of his expertise, he was able to quickly diagnose their location and provide the needed support that saved their lives.

His point is one that Republican Party makes all too infrequently, if at all: Democrats continue to tell us to put all of our trust in “experts,” yet continue to insist career politicians are the key to success in our Congress and in our bureaucracies.

Yet, anyone with real world, private sector experience knows that running a business where you are beholden to your customers, and working with people in a situation in which you are held accountable to real success metrics, is where real expertise is acquired, learned, and tested.

It’s an important point that resonates with a large majority of Americans because they’re living the exact life. Whether you’re a CEO or driving the forklift, there are real expectations, better ways to do things, and more efficient ways of working, and if you don’t meet the success metrics, you’re out.

But in government, there is no accountability, and government employees know they essentially can’t be fired. That they all kept their jobs while the government was locking down (or locking out) private sector employees from their jobs is a point that can’t be lost.

The Republican Party needs to hammer on these points heading into the 2022 elections because they resonate with people and remind them who the Democrats serve: Themselves.

When the “experts” we’re supposed to trust continually move the goal posts, change their minds, and make recommendations that don’t mesh with common sense, you can’t expect the public will continue to have blind faith for long.

The real experts are the people who’ve managed homes, families, businesses, and people. They’re the ones who’ve been accountable, because accountability is an area of expertise all in itself, and we need more people who understand it and can be held to account.