The GOP’s inability to effectively respond to the raid on Trump’s home in Mar-a-lago is nothing more than a complete marketing failure.

There is no purpose or unity in Republican marketing because there is no marketing department with a strategy and a message. Republicans are all out there saying whatever they think (and, being Republicans, there’s a lot of independent thought out there to corral), with no unity or strategy, or not saying anything at all.

This story requires a coordinated offensive – especially because they don’t have any media or cultural support to amplify their message.

Democrats have dutifully rallied around “no one is above the law,” making fun of “if this can happen to an ex-president, it can happen to you,” and, of course, following with “unsurprisingly, conservatives are for law enforcement until it applies to one of them.”

This is tough to combat because Republicans have ignored so many opportunities to have a unified message so many times before.

They should have been discussing the abuses of our system, including continually suing and investigating someone until they’re unable to effectively govern, while they hopefully come up with something.

They should have been unified and unrelenting on hammering home the bogus nature of the Russian investigation.

They should have been coordinated on marketing all of the conservatives who’ve been cancelled, removed, or suspended from social media platforms with the goal of silencing their voices.

They should have been promoting the IRS attach on conservative groups.

They should have been endlessly calling attention to the January 6 political prisoners (thank you, Julie Kelly… the only one who has).

They should have been shining a light on how the FBI has been setting up conservatives, if not outright framing them, for at least the last few years.

They should have been constantly highlighting how the January 6 committee is stacked only with Democrats trying to destroy Trump.

But, as usual, they always assume everyone is paying attention and just knows these things.

In short, Republicans should be rallying around one premise: Conservatives are under attack by their own government, and regardless of what you think of conservatives, no one should be attacked for what they think or believe. Not in America. And this is where the “if it can happen to the president, it can happen to you,” comes from.

From there, they need to embed the phrase “two-tiered justice system” in everyone’s brain – and then give it meaning. It means, if you don’t think what the powers that be think, you will be destroyed.

That needs to resonate. Not just with conservatives, but everyone.

It’s a two-tiered justice system as a result of eight years of planting partisans in all levels of our government agencies and our justice system. There is now a complete double standard on who faces law enforcement and who knows they will look the other way.

It’s not convincing to just say the left is out to get conservatives or Trump. But it starts to be convincing when you illustrate what all of the evidence against Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and the dozens of high profile Democrats along the way who faced no consequences. They weren’t even investigated.

They need to stop accepting the premises coming from the left right now: Hillary was interviewed for 11 hours, Hunter Biden is not an elected official, the head of the FBI was appointed by Trump, etc. Those are all facts, to be sure. But they’re devoid of any reality as it relates to the partisans involved and their motivations.

Tradition has been when a President leaves office, it’s over. He’s done. You leave him alone. That they’re still spending 50% of their screen time pursuing Trump and trying to destroy him and disqualify him from running again is just the Party showing its hand. They’re afraid of him.

Between the State of New York, the January 6th committee, and now this raid, they’re throwing everything they can at disqualifying him to run again. But it’s a terrific gamble, because if they fail, and he wins again, they will have awakened the beast – and possibly even (dare to dream) the Republican Party.

Republicans should be unified and on offense right now. They can agree “no one is above the law,” and then recite the names of all those who are. They’re all Democrats.

The Republican Party has long needed a marketing department – or at least marketing training. Now they’re way behind, and the country will fall if they can’t get it together right now.