Liberals aren’t known for taking responsibility for, well, anything. But ironically, they do love to take responsibility for one thing.

Liberals love to put their causes and voting choices on everything they can. Their cars are full of bumper stickers. Their t-shirts carry their slogans. Their yards display signs with their favorite mantras.

The one good thing about liberals is that they’re clearly labeled. We know who they are. We know who’s responsible.

The latest entry into their symbolism is the vaccine passport. This weekend, my family was invited to a graduation party. On the invitation, it clearly stated that you are not to attend if you are not vaccinated.

It’s not at all surprising to me that a liberal would segregate their own friend base and family by whether or not they are vaccinated. Fortunately, this also meant that I didn’t have to go, as I’ve not been vaccinated.

But it did give me an idea. Since this segregation also works in reverse, I was thinking of hosting a party where only people not vaccinated were allowed to attend. I figure, in a place like the Seattle area, this would be a great way of weeding out the few conservatives and helping me figure out who the friendlies might be.

To think that the fear of COVID is more powerful than the strength of our family and friend bonds is really just another sign of how much we’re falling apart.

At least we know who’s responsible.