This week, I stayed at a hotel that advertising having a refrigerator in every room.

It wasn’t the only reason I selected this hotel, but it was among them, since I had some goods that would need refrigeration.

When I got to the room, I found it did, indeed, have a refrigerator. It was completely full of cans of soda and bottles of various waters. Each was in a mechanism that would track if it was removed from the refrigerator.

I had several bottles of my own and a bag of food that would have fit in the refrigerator, were it not for the for sale contents.

Based on the signage, if I had removed anything from the fridge, even if I left it sealed and didn’t drink it, I would be charged for it. So before I replaced some of the existing contents with my own, I went to the front desk to confirm that’s the way it worked. Sure enough, if I removed something, put my things in, and put the original contents back when I left, I would still be charged for the contents I moved.

An observer could rightly say the hotel had a refrigerator for me, as advertised. They could point out I chose the hotel myself. They could say that everyone who stays at hotels across America are subject to the same rules because those that advertise refrigerators and have them in the rooms are just the same as this one, which had refrigerators in the room, as advertised.

All of this is true.

But it seems to be ignoring a few things: The motivations of the hotel which created advertising leading me to believe there was an empty refrigerator in my room that I could use without penalty, the careful wording of the print that got me to select the room, that no one was in the room with me to see what the arrangement really was.

I hope this all sounds familiar.

All of the forces that have been marshaled against Donald Trump in the past six years have all been fabricated with one goal, to remove him from office and ensure he can never run again.

This was not a secret. They started talking about impeaching him before he was even inaugurated.

Make no mistake, they are trying with everything they have to destroy him. That they were able to implant and use leftist bureaucrats and appointees to do things “by the book” doesn’t make those things any more legitimate than the refrigerator in my room.

If people would just take the opportunity to take a holistic look at what’s going on.