At this point, I think it’s a fair statement that conservatives are really bad at appointing judges who will follow the Constitution – which his the same as saying will support conservative principles.

They’ve had plenty of chances in the recent past with little to show for it, especially on the most visible Supreme Court.

One of the most reliably conservative judges on the Supreme Court is Clarence Thomas. And I think I know why.

Justice Thomas has had to fight for his conservatism every day of his life. He’s a self-made man who didn’t rely on affirmative action or handouts. He didn’t subscribe to the idea that because he’s black, he’s a victim whose only chance is getting help from Democrat politicians and their programs.

Black conservatives in the United States are the most tested conservatives on planet because they’re under attack from nearly everyone. Like Justice Thomas, black conservatives are constantly being challenged, belittled, and put down by cultural, political, and media leftists.

But they’re also being maligned and ridiculed by other leftist black people who think conservative blacks have sold out to the white man. Phrases like “Uncle Tom” or “house n*gger” are just a few of the insults black conservatives endure.

And yet people like Justice Thomas, Candace Owens, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, Tim Scott, and Christopher Walker bravely and proudly share their opinions without fear. They take the verbal bullets every day but stand strong.

Meanwhile, white conservatives are constantly capitulating, standing down, hiding in the corner, apologizing, or standing silent while leftists burn down the world around us.

Maybe there’s something to this anti-racist stuff. Perhaps conservatives should embrace the idea that we have to right the wrongs of the past. Only in this case, righting the wrongs means stop giving power to “conservatives” like Mitch McConnell and start electing black conservatives to every open position possible.

It would be interesting to see how leftists dealt with a Congress made up of a Republican Party that was all black, with no whites. It would turn the notion of all whites being racist or privileged on its head. And it would also guarantee real, courageous, and unapologetic conservatism in our government.

Sounds like nothing but a win-win to me.

If all white people are racist, then let’s embrace it and capitalize on it. Let’s use our white privilege to be racist and vote in only black conservatives from now on.