conspiracy theories

The conspiracy theory conspiracy

Democrats are always clear and deliberate in their branding of conservatives. They know all Democrats will loyally follow the marching orders, the media and pop culture will dutifully follow suit, and conservatives will never effectively defend themselves. And so whatever Democrats decide to tell Americans about who conservatives are will stick. For example, Democrats made it a strategy in 2015 to brand all conservatives as white supremacists to dehumanize them and help justify their cancellation from society. The other half of the marketing plan didn’t really develop until midway through President Trump’s term, and that was to not only…

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But who’s behind it?

If you’re watching any conservative media, you know there’s quite a build up to whatever evidence the Trump team has to prove massive voter fraud. The rumblings and rumors include hundreds, if not thousands, of people who’ve come forward to claim their vote wasn’t counted, someone voted in their name, dead people voted, ballots were thrown out, ballots were added, the software was rigged, and GOP poll watchers weren’t allowed anywhere near the vote counting. Meanwhile, President Trump and his lawyers are slowly starting to appear more and more making claims of significant voter fraud and implying heavily, if…

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